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Premium (Semi-Trucks)

$350/per week

7 % / LOAD


$400/per week

10 % / LOAD

Complete Department Outsourcing

$1500/per week

Our most comprehensive package for a stress-free business (Outsource your Dispatch Department Completely)

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Best Reviews From Our Client

4.7 out of 5 stars
from 1.2k reviews
Daniel Kolela
Daniel Kolela

Owner Operator (Isilko Logistics)

ATC Dispatching LLC goes above and beyond for truck drivers. They negotiate top rates, proactively offer next-day loads, and handle all details for detention pay and layovers. We're thrilled with their service and highly recommend joining us at ATC Dispatching LLC for unparalleled support.

Noah Spence
Noah Spence

Owner (Prime Innovation LLC)

I have a fleet of 5 Dry Van Rigs when i started working with ATC Dispatching LLC, i have seen a huge arc in my income with these guy's i have worked with Aamir Ranjha very professional and great problem solver with unmatched experience in trucking industry, Always recommend them, best of luck!

Darron Campbell
Darron Campbell

Owner Operator (Campbell Lines LL)

Hat's Of to Mr.adam George at Team ATC Dispatching LLC, such a steady load providing strategy, with these guy's i already get bookings in advance and on competitive rates, Always ahead of the Market.

Narcisse Tashi Bangu
Narcisse Tashi Bangu

Owner Operator (US Smart Trans)

God Bless you Guy's Such an Amazing Company to work with, i have 40ft Flat Bed Hot Shot, tried multiple dispatchers committing unrealistic rates, but once i started working with ANNA it changed my business completely they charge bit higher but worth it !

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