Freight Dispatching Services By ATC Dispatching LLC

Dispatch for Shippers & Brokers

At ATC Dispatching LLC, we provide a robust network of trucks ready to move your loads effectively and efficiently. We offer round-the-clock updates and load tracking, ensuring there are no double brokering and hidden fees involved. Contact us today for a free setup and see how we can streamline your logistics operations.

Dispatch Solutions for Shippers and Brokers

Since 2018, ATC Dispatching LLC has been a leader in freight dispatch services, supporting owner-operators and trucking fleets in managing their loads, communicating with customers, and handling all necessary paperwork. This allows them to concentrate on the critical task of transporting goods safely and efficiently.

Choosing ATC Dispatching LLC as your freight dispatch partner means enjoying transparent pricing without hidden charges or termination fees. The price we quote is the price you pay, ensuring clarity and trust from the start.

How We Can Help Freight Brokers and Shippers

We provide significant advantages to both freight brokers and shippers through our extensive network of independent owner-operators who are thoroughly vetted and ready to handle your logistics needs. Here’s how we make the shipping process smoother:
Eliminate Double Brokering:

Eliminate Double Brokering:

We strictly adhere to legal standards, avoiding double brokering unless explicitly approved by the shipper. We operate with complete transparency, providing all necessary documentation upfront.

Offer Transparency:

Offer Transparency:

Our pricing model and progress updates on your loads are fully transparent. Our dispatchers maintain detailed records of preferred carriers and routes to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Provide 24/7 Updates:

Provide 24/7 Updates:

We understand the importance of timely communication. Our team offers continuous updates on your shipments and is available around the clock to address any questions or issues that may arise.

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Our Truck Dispatcher Service Benefits

Working with ATC Dispatching LLC guarantees satisfaction for all parties involved in the shipping process. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Benefits for Brokers:
    • Access to a wide pool of reputable carriers.
    • Flexible financial options to fit every budget.
    • A transparent pricing model without hidden costs.
    • Regular updates on all loads with immediate communication on transport issues or delays.
  • Benefits for Carriers:
    • Dedicated dispatchers to assist with load matching.
    • Direct rate confirmations between broker and carrier.
    • No forced dispatch policies.
    • Advanced confirmation of all rates.
    • Access to a network of vetted freight brokers.

Our exclusive transportation dispatch services provide cost savings compared to in-house operations. We focus on building long-term relationships to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

Why Rely on ATC Dispatching LLC

Eliminate the middleman and streamline your operations with ATC Dispatching LLC. Our extensive fleet and 24/7 support system provide the reliability and transparency you need. Direct communication with carriers saves time and enhances efficiency, giving you a competitive edge in freight delivery. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or to discuss the best solutions for your needs.